Guiding questions

  • What "undesirable" effects (="unseens") arise from the use of digital data at the level of individuals?
  • What learning processes, behavioural changes, regulations and socio-technical innovations for the use of digital social media and their data can help to mitigate/eliminate "undesirable" impacts through stakeholder action?


Fazilitation Wissenschaftler*in: Roland Heß (Werkstatt für Innovation), Christian Montag (Uni Ulm), Philipp Freytag (Uni Bonn), Norbert Kersting (Uni Münster), Lisa-Maria Neudert (Uni Oxford, GB), Sina Ostendorf (Uni Duisburg / Essen), Roland W. Scholz (Uni Krems, OE), Cornelia Sindermann (Uni Ulm)

Praktiker*in: Felix Ebner (mecodia), Hanna Gleiß (Das Nettz), Lena Simon (Frieda FZ), Benjamin Thull (LfK Stuttgart), Anna Schenk & Christoph Reher (semasio plattform 161)

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